CENTO AquaPRO Samsung A14 4G/5G
CENTO AquaPRO Samsung A14 4G/5G

CENTO AquaPRO Samsung A14 4G/5G

  • EAN Code: 6422505216313

Cento AquaPRO is an ultra-resistant full glue tempered glass with superior quality which covers the entire phone screen even on models with curved edges. The sensitivity of the screen and the contrast of the colors will not be affected, having a high degree of transparency, after its application on the screen, being practically invisible. Made of tempered glass, processed and strengthened under special conditions, it protects the phone's display against impact and scratches, keeping its properties absolutely unchanged over time. The package includes a complete cleaning and mounting kit. Method of application: 1) carefully clean the phone screen; 2) peel off the protection from the adhesive side and position the foil on the screen, with utmost care, without applying force; 3) return to the surface of the glass with a plastic card for a complete bonding.

Product type Protective glass
Compatible brand Samsung
Compatible model Samsung Galaxy A14 4G
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
Film type Clear
Material Tempered glass
Hardness 9H
Usage type Front
Other Full glue
3D Premium
Package contains Foil
installation kit