Cento is passion, doubled by thoroughness and an aspiration toward excellence, being a brand born out of an inter-European collaboration among firms each with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Nowadays, our phones have become a necessity, but they too need accessories which are not only modern but also of high quality and functionality. Cento, an innovative brand, up to date with the technological advancements of the time, is the answer.

Given that excellence, design and functionality are our driving principles, we strive to offer maximum quality in everything we do, down to the tiniest detail, from the fabrication process of our products and their modern design to the efficient organisation of their distribution. Every Cento product undergoes rigorous testing before delivery, being made from carefully selected materials that rise up to our standards of quality.

We assign maximum importance to the way our products are presented. Our packaging, created through the Feel-IT technology, is in perfect synergy with the products, their image being one of our priorities. The design, created by young visual artists from Milan, Berlin and Utrecht complets Cento’s image.

Last, but certainly not least, we take responsibility for ensuring that all our products are sustainable and conform to European standards.